What is a Waterfall Countertop?

By McDaniels Kitchens and Bath|Kitchen Design

Waterfall countertops, sometimes referred to as risers, are hugely on trend in kitchen design. Unlike traditional countertops that have an abrupt and definite edge, this countertop style sweeps down to the floor, resembling a waterfall. The result is a dramatic look that demands high quality materials as the extended counter becomes the focus of the room. Its sleek minimalism works best in contemporary styles and makes a stunning feature at the center of your kitchen design. Read on to see why risers are on the rise…

Hide and Seek

Aside from seamlessly joining the floor and worktop, waterfall countertops are an excellent way of hiding or distracting from appliances and seating, and an excellent way to protect kitchen cabinets at the busy end of a peninsula or island. The counter can also extend past the width of an island or peninsula to create a stylish bar, independent of the cabinetry. If you dine at this waterfall bar, the smooth surface and curve is easier to clean down than an awkward edge.

A Room with a View

The beauty of waterfall countertops can really be admired best in an open plan kitchen design. A classic countertop can only be seen from above, but the sweeping side of a waterfall worktop lets it be appreciated from all sides like this Mason, MI kitchen remodel. A white marble or quartz countertop could sweep down into a monochrome floor, for example, towards a couch that would blend with this whole aesthetic.

Modern Times

A waterfall counter gives strong, clean lines, that work well in contemporary kitchen design. Falling on one side it makes a 90-degree angle focal point and a drop at each end provides symmetry. Blend contrasting finishes on a bi-level island, or layer one material over the other.  For example, a wood layer used for a dining or bar level can meet granite or quartz used for the food prep area to create a stunning effect by combining two different beautiful materials.

What Are You Made Of?

There are number of materials you can select for a waterfall countertop but choose carefully since this countertop style will become the natural focal point of your kitchen design.  In general, the material can be as slender or as thick as you want, depending on your space and the look you want to create with your waterfall countertop. Here are a few examples of possible materials:

  • With marble, it’s important to make sure that the veining matches perfectly, giving the illusion of fluidity from top to bottom.
  • Granite is very durable and easy to keep clean and creates a stunning effect in a waterfall countertop.
  • Quartz is another durable option, which also comes in a wide variety of colors.
  • Wood is also ideal for a smooth, fluid waterfall. Reclaimed wood is even better for a raw, natural look, embracing flaws for a unique, eclectic kitchen design
  • Concrete is another option, offering a modern or industrial edge to your kitchen remodel.
  • Stainless steel is exceptionally easy to maintain, and it glistens and shines!

Here, at McDaniels, our experience and expertise mean you’re in safe hands when you invest in an elegant countertop flowing seamlessly to the floor.

Why not invest in a waterfall countertop that is functional as well as beautiful, providing a focal point that will stand the test of time in your kitchen. Call us today to talk to a kitchen design expert and start planning the kitchen remodel of your dreams.