Modern Bathroom Design For Your Bathroom Remodel

By McDaniels Kitchens and Bath|Bathroom

Do you have a fairly modern home except for a bathroom that’s lagging behind in style? Our team at McDaniel’s Kitchen and Bath, Lansing, Michigan’s premier bathroom and kitchen remodeling experts, knows how exciting it can be to remodel a bathroom. This is the room that you start your day in, so you want it to reflect your personality and style to the greatest extent possible. If this style choice is best exemplified by a modern design, then we can help give you some pointers on achieving this.

White Is a Classic and Modern Favorite

Modern design tends to be sleek and simple, and it’s hard to get simpler than white when it comes to color palettes. You may want to try white on white. For example, white walls matched with white tile flooring. You might even opt to have the tile around the shower and bathtub white as well. Shiny and glossy hardware and accents will also go well for a sleek, modern look in this room.

Natural Materials

There is a warmth to natural materials, such as wood or genuine stone, that artificial materials have a hard time duplicating. Stone materials can make a good, hard flooring for a modern bathroom, and stained wood vanities can complement these perfectly. You can even accentuate the natural built-in design elements with complementary accessories such as wicker baskets and linen fabrics. A bathroom designed around natural materials will stay in style for the long haul.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is one of the cornerstones of modern design, so you’ll be avoiding a cluttered look at all costs. This means only putting the most essential items in your remodeled bathroom. To do this properly, you will have to consider your needs. For example, do you need one sink or two? If you only need one, then this choice will save space taken up by the sink and surrounding countertop and vanity underneath. The abundance of empty space from having fewer items in your bathroom gives a more open look and feel to this room.

Dark Wood Can Work Wonders

If white isn’t your style, you can go with dark wood while keeping a modern look in the design. Wood already looks natural, but a darker hue to the grain adds a rich texture to the look of your new bathroom. Wood will be best for things such as the vanity and as a frame around a mirror. When going dark with the wood, though, you’ll want to contrast this with lighter colors elsewhere. A white or light neutral color for the tile flooring and a lighter color paint for the walls will complete a modern look in such a bathroom.

Use Accent Colors for a Bold Contrast

Do you have a favorite color that you’re dying to try out in your newly renovated bathroom? You’ll be happy to know that modern design allows for more than just white, black or various neutral color shades. Whether this color is a navy blue, deep green, or red, try to use it so that it contrasts with the rest of the room. Perhaps you could paint the one wall that’s behind the vanity, sink and mirror in this color but have all the others be some neutral color. If you might be selling the home in the near future, and you’re not sure prospective buyers will agree with your color selections, you can enjoy your bold accents in less permanent ways through colorful towels or curtains.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling in Lansing, Michigan

At McDaniel’s Kitchen And Bath, our designers love transforming rooms in Michigan residents’ homes into spaces that they love. This is true when it comes to our kitchen design services and our bathroom designs. Whether you are going for a modern, contemporary, traditional or other bathroom or kitchen remodeling look in Lansing, MI, we can help you get it done to your specifications and within your budget.

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