Kitchen Design Entertainment Zones

By McDaniels Kitchens and Bath|Kitchen Design

We may not be hosting large Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s parties this year, but the upside is that we can plan for 2021. A kitchen remodel with well thought-out entertainment zones takes the stress out of hosting any gathering, from small family dinner and movie nights to large parties. It also lets you enjoy spending time in your new kitchen design as it is planned with your taste and needs in mind. From layout to lighting, we’ll guide you through designing entertainment zones for your next remodel.

Kitchen Layout

We’re living in a more open plan way in our homes, which works perfectly for entertaining. All events involve the kitchen, so removing any obtrusive walls benefits a kitchen designed with entertaining in mind. In an open plan design, everyone can be involved in the festivities, especially the host. Choose an L or U-shaped kitchen, with islands or peninsulas, leading into a living area with doors opening onto your garden. During a party, you can see if the beverage bar needs restocking and prep food at your island while chatting to guests and enjoying the game on the big screen.

Seating Arrangements

Seating is very important so guests can relax as they mingle. Think about where people can talk to you as you prep food. Island seating should be comfortable enough to sit at for long periods but not too heavy to move to one side. The same applies to dining room chairs. Keep them light so they don’t overwhelm the room. Banquettes, armchairs and couches can provide pops of color in an open plan kitchen design and should be proportionate to the size of your design. When arranging seating for parties, make sure it doesn’t obstruct the flow of guests and that all have a good vantage point of the television screen, if necessary.

Island Ideas

Islands are often the main focus of a kitchen design and the place people gravitate to at parties. As well as preparing food here, you can store and serve it as people sit or stand around it. When not being used for entertaining, islands can be used for study or work, storage, pet beds or displaying dramatic floral arrangements. Customize your island so it provides for your every need. It can also help define the style of your kitchen design.

Storage Solutions

Storage in an island is useful, but the right storage throughout a kitchen design means that hosting gatherings is easier. Clutter overwhelms any space so custom-built cabinets and shelving, with specific solutions, clear the way for guests. Pantries and beverage bars consolidate everything further, freeing up cabinets, countertops and floor space.

Integrated Entertainment

An entertainment system is integral to a kitchen designed for parties. A large screen for game days or movie nights is always a hit. You can also play music videos or home movies to add atmosphere to an event. Built-in speakers bring music to the chosen parts of your kitchen design and living areas, and making playlists is like having your own CD library without the clutter. Hidden charging points in drawers and cabinets mean you can store and operate devices without tripping over wires.

Smart Kitchens

Smart technology is becoming the norm in kitchen design. Ovens, lighting, heat and air-conditioning can all be set via your phone, helping enormously during a party. You can also order supplies via a smart refrigerator and steam clean your floors with a sensor driven robot vacuum. State of the art coffee machines and ovens make everyday life easier, not to mention catering for events. Talk to our kitchen design experts about the latest technology to fit your requirements.

Lighting Designs

Lighting is a sophisticated and subtle way of creating zones in your kitchen. In areas where you work, strong, task lighting is essential. Dimmer switches adjust lighting levels in other areas, creating the right mood for your gathering. Spotlights are a good way of highlighting art or displaying items in glass cabinets. Statement lampshades are a huge trend this year so why not invest in dramatic pendants or a large shade for a floor lamp?

Even the smallest kitchen design can be organized into entertainment zones for nights to remember and days to enjoy. Find more inspiration in our kitchen remodeling gallery and talk to us today about how your dream kitchen is more achievable than you think.