Do You Need High End Kitchen Appliances?

By McDaniels Kitchens and Bath|Kitchen Design

A kitchen remodel is a worthwhile investment, whether you plan to stay in your home for life or are updating with the intention of selling.  If you’re considering selling your house, always focus investment dollars in the kitchen, as you will get the best return on your investment.  A modern kitchen design with new appliances is guaranteed to impress buyers. If you’re staying put, then you’ll never regret updating your kitchen design including appliances.

The level of appliances you install may depend on a variety of factors including how much you cook and bake and your available budget.  Installing high-end appliances is a worthwhile investment if you cook often, entertain regularly, and enjoy spending time in the kitchen. If you plan to sell in the near future, it may not be worthwhile to choose luxury appliances, but select the best your budget allows as it will enhance the value of your home.  Read on to find out more about why high-end appliances are worth the investment.

Setting the Tone

Luxury kitchen appliances set the tone for your kitchen design, and by extension your entire home. As well as adding value and style, they are invaluable for speeding up food prep.  To help decide what you should invest in, think about how much you cook at home and how often you entertain. If you do both a lot, then high-end appliances would certainly make your life easier. The right style and color can also make any appliance into a focal point. When you order high-end appliances, you get the advantage of choosing trims, handles and other extras that enhance your kitchen design and reflect your unique style.

Going the Distance

High-end kitchen appliances are designed to last longer than regular models. New technology and quality materials mean they’re built for longevity. An AGA cooker, for example, is expensive but looks beautiful and can keep going for 50 years. Wolf, Sub-Zero, and other high-end brands all have a well-known reputation for quality and longevity.  They will serve you well in your own home and catch the eye of potential buyers. Going high-end means you won’t have to make appliance decisions or call a repairman again for a long time.

Value for Money

Although any appliance will work for you, luxury appliances perform better. Temperatures for stoves and refrigerators are more even and regulated. Extra touches like good insulation, temperature probes and automatic timers mean that cooking time is more efficient, saving you time and potential frustration and stress.

Extra Options

Your refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave are the main appliances to invest in, but if your budget allows, there are more options. Wine coolers, built-in coffee machines and mini fridges are all excellent additions to a kitchen design.

Technological Advances

Keep an open mind when it comes to the latest technology. Smart kitchens are on the rise and incorporating technological elements via luxury appliances can take your kitchen remodel to the next level. Induction cookers use magnetic currents, which are faster than electricity and cleaner than gas. Steam ovens cook food better and faster, which is good news for your health and energy bills. Warming drawers keep pre-prepared food hot, which is perfect for entertaining. Smart fridges restock for you and smart trash cans order more liners.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and appliances are a major element of your kitchen design. Luxury appliances look beautiful and perform better but consider your lifestyle and available budget before you invest. How you cook, clean, and cool dictates how high-end your appliances should be. If you invest wisely, they will help you sell your home or serve you well for years to come. If your budget is more limited, perhaps consider investing in one high end appliance item at a time, like a refrigerator or oven.

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