Best Bathroom Sink Designs For Your Home

By McDaniels Kitchens and Bath|Bathroom Design

The bathroom sink sits neatly underneath or on top of your bathroom countertop.  It must endure a constant onslaught of water, soap, dirt, toothpaste, and cleaning products.  Still, it is expected to be durable and enhance the overall style of your bathroom design.  More than just a functional element of a bathroom remodel, your sink choice can either blend in smoothly to the surrounding materials or make a design statement in a bold color or unique material like the vessel sink in this bathroom remodel in East Lansing.

In general, bathroom sink styles fit into several main categories:

Drop in or top mount sinks are usually the cheapest option and easiest to install.  They can be combined with almost any countertop material and vanity style and are installed on top of the surrounding countertop.

Undermount sinks are the exact opposite, installed on the underside of the countertop, offering a practical and stylish appeal due to the seamless appearance.  They make it easier to clean all surfaces and complement the sleek, clean style sought after in modern bathrooms.

Vessel sinks make a bold statement by sitting on top of the countertop, serving as a design focal point.  They come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, materials, and colors, and are often associated with a spa style space like this bathroom design in East Lansing.

Wall-mounted sinks stand alone with no surrounding cabinet and are fixed directly to the wall.  The installation requires that the plumbing comes directly from the wall.  They have a sleeker profile, taking up less space in the bathroom layout, but offer little countertop and no storage space.

Pedestal sinks give a bathroom design a vintage style, but the installation requires plumbing coming from the floor and they have no cabinet for storage.

Semi-recessed sinks combine a standard bathroom sink with a shallower cabinet so that the sink sticks out past the cabinet.  This is ideal for smaller bathroom designs, allowing for some storage space without intruding too far into the bathroom footprint.

Finally, all-in-one sinks have a sink and countertop made from the same material and are constructed of a single piece with no gaps or seams.

Now that you understand the types of sinks available, how do you determine the right one for your bathroom remodel? Here are several questions to consider in choosing a bathroom sink style:

First, who will use the bathroom?  Will the bathroom be used by adults or children?  Is it a guest bath design or powder room used infrequently, or is it a busy master bathroom or family bathroom?   The answers to these questions will help you decide if you need one or two sinks and how much storage and countertop space you require in your bathroom design.  It may also help inform what type of sink you install.  For example, a vessel sink may strike your fancy but is not as practical a solution for a bathroom used by kids.

How much space do you have and what is your bathroom layout?  In a small or narrow bathroom design you may be better off choosing a wall mounted sink or a narrow sink that takes up less space.  Consider also the positioning of your current sink and other fixtures.  Do your pipes come from the wall or the floor?  What type of faucets do you have?  If your desired sink choice matches your existing configuration then your choice is easy.  On the other hand, if you want to select a different sink or faucet style you may need to alter the footprint and move plumbing around to accommodate your choice.

What is your style? Sinks come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including round, oval, rectangular, and asymmetrical.  The numerous materials available for sinks add an element of texture and color to any bathroom design, from the traditional white sink to concrete, stone, and much more.  Vessel sinks in particular come in many different styles like the black stone sinks in this bathroom remodel in East Lansing.

Check out our bathroom design gallery for more inspiration and then contact our design experts in our Lansing, MI showroom to get started on your bathroom remodel.